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Style Tips from the experts at Szabo Maternity

Style Tips from the experts at Szabo Maternity

Top 10 Tips for planning a successful, versatile and affordable maternity wardrobe.

1.Admit your body will change shape! Yes that’s right come out of the DENIAL phase and say goodbye to your toes for the coming months! But let’s focus on the bright side – when was the last time you had a totally guilt-free opportunity to buy new clothes? Some of the changes might be very welcome – and I’m not just talking about the expanding mid-drift. We’re talking boobs, big boobs. Work with the cleavage, don’t fight it!

2. Don’t start shopping just yet! You’ve got some homework to do first….

Think about the season in which you will be most pregnant eg summer, winter, autumn or spring.

3. Go through your wardrobe and pull out anything that is suitable for your small bump and that will stretch with you. Beware! Your favourite tees may not return to pre pregnancy shape and might become too short or pull up at the front as you grow.

4. Create a maternity section in your wardrobe with only those clothes that you will be wearing during your pregnancy. This will take away the stress of finding garments that fit!

Oh, and while you’re assessing your current clothes, no, your favourite jeans will not fit after the first 4 months.

5. Assess your lifestyle and apply the 80/20 Rule:

Look again in your current wardrobe and analyse what you wear 80% of the time. Surprised? Most likely, you’ll find this is just a small percentage of your clothes anyway! These are the pieces you will need to replace to make dressing with style and elegance an uncomplicated task whilst you’re pregnant.

Ask yourself:

Does your work require smart or suit-like attire?
Is your work more casual or uniform style? (Remember, if you work 5 days a week this will be a major focus area)
Do you usually wear your jeans on the weekend and dress them up or down with different tops, shoes and accessories?
Are you required to attend a lot of social functions for your work?
Are there lots of engagements, weddings or christenings coming up in the next 6 months?

Your maternity clothes should, with careful planning and purchasing, become a tight capsule wardrobe that will suit all your requirements. A bit like packing for a 6 month holiday!

6. Create a shopping checklist!

7. Locate your local maternity boutique and/or website. There are lots of different labels on the market catering to all styles and budgets!

8. Visit your local boutique on online store BEFORE you’re desperate. Get an idea of what’s available and when new season stock is arriving. Get to know the girls in the boutique – they’re the experts! They know their stock, and will be able to help you find what you need and answer your questions on fit. If buying online, don’t be scared to ask questions via email.

9. Try stuff on! You’ll be amazed at what looks better on the body compared to hanger appeal. SZABO maternity clothing is designed to fit in all the right places and flatter your growing bump!

10. Don’t forget your accessories! Store them near your clothes where they will be clearly visible and accessible – that way you won’t forget to wear them! A long, narrow scarf will elongate your body. A delicate necklace will add focus to your wonderful, newly enhanced bust line. Have fun with bangles and bracelets – load them up!

It is possible to look and feel great about yourself as your body changes.